CTA 801

IMP CTA 801 hot cure inhibitor is a Nitrite free inhibitor for hot cure tanks in impregnation systems of the type of methacrylic resins.

Used in conjunction with an IMP evaporator system, the hot water can be used indefinitely. CTA 801 is automatically dosed into the hot cure water, in proportion to the volume of sealant carried over into the hot cure tank.

CTA 801 is used to protect components from corrosion and tarnishing during the hot water cure process in a casting impregnation system. CTA 801 also helps to maintain a hot cure solution free of sealant contamination.

The level of CTA 801 can be monitored using specific tests kits available from IMP.

Physical data of liquid CTA 801

AppearancePale yellow or colourless liquid
SmellCharacteristic – amines
Operating temperatureAmbient – 120°C
pH8 typical (1 % in Wasser)
Density1,10 - 1,20 g/ml (20°C)
Solubility in waterCompletely Miscible at 20°C

Storage conditions

Store the product between 5 and 20°C; minimal temperature of storage: 0°C
Store out of direct sunlight, away from direct heat and in its original container. Do not store in aluminium, copper, zinc and its alloys or natural or synthetic rubber.  Store away from oxidising agents (e.g. HNO3), reducing agents, halogens (especially fluorine), peroxides, free radicals, metal oxides, alkalis, bases and acids.  Shelf life 12 months at max. 25°C, when in original containers
User concentrationUsing an automatic machine with IMP’s IM4500r sealant,  assuming around 50 bakets per day, 5 days per week, then a consumption in the hot cure of around 25-30 kg per week is needed.