The impregnation System and its procedures

In order to make the pores in the castings oil free and dry, the castings are washed and dried at 120°C.

Using a vacuum of less than 5 millibar the air is evacuated from the porosity.

After evacuation, the castings are submerged in the liquid resin. Following further evacuation the vacuum is then relaesed.  

The IMP-Resin enters the pores of the castings driven by atmospheric pressure. Complete penetration is therefore attained.

The worksurface is washed in a water bath, so negligible surface film is left behind. Further cleaning of the components is not necessary.    

The polymerisation of the resin inside the castings is achieved in a hot, water bath at the temperature of 90°C. Using IMP-Resins, bleed out is prevented.