Safeguard your assets!
Your Company produces high quality castings or sintered parts for:

  • the automobile industry and its suppliers
  • accessories manufacturers, as well as
  • machine and plant construction business.

The treatment of porosity is of particular importance in these businesses. Nowadays, your customers require raw materials to withstand ever increasing technical demands and stresses.

With the requirements of Quality Assurance it is also becoming increasingly important to find solutions for these challenges.

This is the exact purpose of IMP impregnation sealants. We developed them to impregnate the porosity in castings and thereby give a durable sealing.

Improve your products
IMP impregnation sealants are continually used where quality and durability is important. This is vital in:

  • engines and gearbox housings
  • hydraulic and pneumatic components
  • machine units for control engineering and
  • hydraulic pumps/valves

The physical and chemical properties of IMP sealants are equivalent to those of densely cast parts. These requirements can be fulfilled by IMP impregnation sealants.

We solve your casting problems
The impregnation technique and the special properties of the IMP sealants provide the best means of sealing pores in castings. Impregnation can be applied to metal, plastics and wood. It is an ideal treatment prior to plating and other surface finishes. If surface porosity is left untreated the surface can absorb plating fluids which may leak out and corrode the plated surface. After impregnation the surfaces of the components are free from residues and no additional cleaning is necessary.  Typical materials that can be vacuum impregnated.

  • Grey iron castings
  • Non-ferrous materials
  • Aluminium and magnesium alloys
  • Sintered parts
  • Brazed/welded assemblies
  • Wood can also be impregnated to improve hardness, dimensional stability and water resistance.