Impregnation Sealant IM7000

Background information

The recycling of sealant from cold wash water is a complex chemical process.
When all porosity sealants recycle (including all of our competitor’s sealants) there are changes from the original formulation.

For example, the specific gravity range for all recycling sealants has a much wider tolerance than for non recycling sealants.

This is because the proportion of those ingredients that influence the specific gravity changes during the recycling process.

For this reason it is the performance of the sealant in the autoclave that is important.
Not the fresh sealant, nor the recycled sealant, but the combined mixture in the autoclave.

Any tests to prove the sealants ability for sealing, chemical and thermal resistance should be conducted on sealant with the properties as found in the autoclave, not the sealant in the fresh drum.

Tests on the performance of IM4500(r) are carried out on sealant composition normally found in the autoclave. Due to this method of testing customers can be assured that the performance that they achieve in production will be the same as these tests. Claims on sealing performance for competitors products may not be based on the performance of the autoclave sealant, rather on the new chemical product.  

IM4500(r) Sealant

  • IM4500(r) was designed to achieve good chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals including brake fluid, anti freeze and methanol.
  • IM4500(r) can be easily treated so the waste water produced could be used indefinitely.
  • IM4500 can be recycled from the cold wash water with the aid of a centrifuge.
  • IM4500r can be recycled using a conventional Sealant Recycling System equipment (SRS ) as used by competitors. This requires the addition of WBA washing chemical in the cold wash tank. The chemical in WBA is removed from the sealant and included in the WBA, meaning the overall chemical balance is unaffected. (IM4500= sealant with washing agent. IM4500r= sealant without washing agent- requiring washing agent WBA in cold wash tank)  
  • IM4500(r) is suitable for the impregnation of all metals.
  • IM4500(r) has very high temperature resistance from -50°C to 200°C.

Detailed information available on request.

( Note IM4500r is marketed as IM7000 in some markets.)