Impregnation Sealant IM3000

With the universal impregnation material IM3000 IMP offers a highly cost-effective solution to the problem of porosity.The IM3000 impregnation sealant is not only chemically and physically durable but it is also environmentally friendly.

  • IM3000 is a crosslinking mixture of mono and polyfunctional acrylates and methacrylates.
  • IM3000 has excellent washability and requires no after work, even with complicated castings of intricate design.
  • IM3000 has very high temperature stability with a working temperature range of -110 ºC to +200 ºC.
  • Castings which are impregnated with IM3000 provide very good resistance to high pressure, equal to the structural strength of the parent metal.
  • IM3000 shows very good chemical resistance against petrol, motor oils, hydraulic fluids, antifreeze, gases and acids.

IMP is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of impregnation sealant to the global market. Customers who purchase or have components impregnated with IMP sealant include

  • Most of the world’s automotive companies and foundries,
  • Leading manufacturers in the pump, boiler and valves industry,
  • Manufacturers of sintered components, carbon and electrical items.

Further limited information on our markets is available on request.

Physical data for the liquid (uncured) sealant IM3000

Appearanceclear yellow, also fluorescent by request
Density1,04 g/ml (20°C)
Viscosity27s (Frikmar Cup No. 3 at 20°C)
33s (Zahn Cup No. 1 at 20°C)
16 mPa/s at 20°C
Steam pressure< 15 Pa