Waste Management

Liquid waste is a major consideration in the impregnation process. The increasing cost of waste management means that it is now a serious consideration for most customers. IMP has always produced products that are among the most environmentally friendly impregnation products available.

IM3000 has unique properties that allow for efficient control of effluent. With the correct machine design IM3000 will provide one of the lowest effluent volumes of any standard sealant.  Utilising these unique properties has also allowed Imp to develop a range of options for effluent reduction and treatment. These options are designed to meet the customers’ requirements, not the sealant manufacturers, and are both cost effective and easy to install. The solutions are modular allowing the customer to increase the effluent control as production or costs increase.
Recycling Sealant is only one solution to effluent reduction.

The IMP range of recycling sealants can be used in most conventional systems, but are most effective in fast cycle time machines where machine design generally means high carry over and lack of draining. Combined with the WBS evaporator system (that can also be uniquely used on machines using IM3000 non recycling sealant) the waste produced by an impregnation system can be reduced to the absolute minimum.