Enterprise history and philosophy

International Metall IMPrägnier GmbH was founded in February 1986 in Langenfeld. Through intensive research and development, IMP became one of the world-wide leaders in impregnating sealants in only one decade.

Intensive internal development led to the development of the universally applicable impregnation resin IM3000 in 1987. Due to it’s outstanding characteristics, sales of IM3000  rose rapidly, such that by 1990 IMP had to be relocated to its own larger production facilities to supply the increased demand. By using a strictly customer-oriented company structure, and with competence, commitment and the high acceptance of IM3000 in the world-wide market the sales volume rose constantly and lead to further expansion in 1993 and 1996. The production process was automated with the help of a SPS which improves the quality and helps in cost reduction.

By continuous research and intensive user and customer feedback different sealants, including recyclable sealants, have been developed. In 1996 a new recyclable resin was developed using a centrifuge to separate the resin form the wash water. With this technique an impregnating line can operate virtually waste water free. That protects the environment and brings economic advantages.

Together with our partner company Ing. Hubert Maldaner GmbH we cover the entire know-how of the impregnation process: starting with the development of manufacturing the products up to the equipment construction, the job shop impregnation and the valuable material recycling, as well as questions regarding waste water treatment.

The secret of our success is, however, the independence and flexibility of IMP, which at any time, is able to respond rapidly on the changing problems of customers and the market. Our quality orients itself strictly at the requirements of the customer. In addition it guarantees reliable rapid supply, dependability, flexibility and a permanent care of the product quality.

All this convinces our customers,
because they profit directly from it.

Our impregnation materials with their outstanding characteristics are used for special areas of application in the most diverse industrial ranges. Main operational areas are the automotive industry where IMP sealants are approved by all the main international car manufacturers. Other uses are manufacturers of powdered metal parts, armatures, drinking water components, gearboxes, pneumatics and hydraulic components, wheel rims, steering gear housings and gas controllers. These are just a small selection of the many uses for IMP sealants.